Quantum Superposition

Category: science

If you have an interest in quantum physics, you might have tried to wrap your head around the fact that particles like photons can be in more than one place at the same time. I believe the strange quantum effects of superposition have to do with the object changing states. In the double slit experiment, […]

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The Big Bang

Category: science

I decided to write this post to explain a theory I’ve had for a long time. I have always been fascinated by the cosmos. I have though deeply about gravity… thoughts like “how can it work across such great distances?” Also, I never really liked the idea of the Big Bang. It didn’t add up. […]

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PHP 5.6.0 on Windows Server 2008 R2, HTTP 500 error and the (not) missing msvcr110.dll

Category: New Web Applications, PHP, Web Servers

I went through the trouble of getting PHP 5.6.0 working on a windows server 2008 R2 with IIS 7.5. I did not find any specific “This made PHP 5.6.0 work” posts on the ‘net, and I was trying a manual install that just wasn’t working. I finally got it working, so here it is: Download […]

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How to atomatically start an app pool in Windows IIS when it crashes or stops

Category: Web Servers

I have had the problem of a production website going down and giving a 503 error every couple of months, and it turns out the application pool in IIS was just stopped and decided not to restart. The website is on windows server 2008, and the website runs PHP (the problem occurred with every PHP […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Re-use Passwords

Category: Cyber Security

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that re-using passwords is kind of like using the same key for your house, car, safety deposit box, gym locker and bike lock, and then sharing that key with a number of people you don’t really know. Even if those people seem trustworthy, a few of them might not take […]

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Protecting User Accounts – Password Management

Category: Cyber Security

If you develop or manage a website, there are many reasons to take time and protect user data. Consider if your website is hacked: In the case of eCommerce, fraud can be costly to the user and to the website owner. It can cause privacy concerns and damage your brand. It can allow hackers to […]

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Unbind a click event, store it and re-add the event later with jQuery

Category: JavaScript

My trusty junior developer Sean and I were quite frustrated trying to find a solution online for getting a click event from an element, removing it from the element, then re-adding the event with a condition. For example, anything with the css class “remove” should ask “are you sure” before completing the default action. Rather […]

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SMTP Server Windows IIS and PHP (send only)

Category: New Web Applications

1) Adding the SMTP Server – Open Server Manager – select “Features” – click “Add Features” and check “SMTP Server” NOTE: The SMTP Server feature might require the installation of additional role services and features. Click Add Required Role Services to proceed with installation. – click Next to configure any required role services and features […]

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Mobile First vs Desktop First

Category: Design

Lately, I have read and heard people talk about mobile first design. This is ridiculous! Sure starting simple and then adding on more features or content is easier than trying to rearrange a large and complex design, so that people can access that content on a smartphone. Sure a growing number of people access the […]

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Your Credit Card Needs a Tin Foil Hat

Category: Uncategorized

I recently discovered something interesting about how PayPass works. I was testing out NFC tags for my website LikeScan.com, when i learned that NFC tags can be read AND written by a smartphone (specific phones that are NFC enabled like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus). I was immediately intrigued and decided to do a thought experiment. […]

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