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Letters Game Privacy Policy

The letters game does not collect any personal information. The letters game does not use or share your personal information. Non-personal data like statistics about the number of app downloads may be collected by Google. The Letters Game was created as a hobby project to help young children learn to read with their parents.

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Forte Specialization: Machine learning

Abstract This article discusses a potential method to increase the efficiency of a neural network in processing information. More specifically, the use of synaptic plasticity in order to optimize data flows between neurons in a convolutional neural network. Introduction When building a convolutional neural network for machine learning, it is common to hard code linkages […]

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502 / 400 Error in Apache when using Firebug or ChromePHP

It turns out that Apache will return an HTTP error (usually 502) when headers are larger than 8KB. This is much like the White Page Of Death since there is no indication of why the page failed to load. I developed a fork for ChromePHP that allows you to shrink the ChromePHP debug log so […]

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Your Credit Card Needs a Tin Foil Hat

I recently discovered something interesting about how PayPass works. I was testing out NFC tags for my website, when i learned that NFC tags can be read AND written by a smartphone (specific phones that are NFC enabled like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus). I was immediately intrigued and decided to do a thought experiment. […]

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CSS3 Animations

In the past, we had to use JavaScript to make animations on a page. They would take longer to load and require a lot of extra code and development time. With CSS3 you can add an animation with a single line of code! Using progressive enhancement, this can really improve the web experience of your […]

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