Samsung USB Driver for Galaxy Nexus

By Frank Forte

I wanted to load a QR code app onto my new Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus did not appear in Eclipse as a device, and I found that I need to get a USB driver.

On the Samsung website (, they have two options, Verizon (SCH-I515MSAVZW) and Sprint (SPH-L700ZKASPR).

This is not helpful since I am with Bell. Bell’s version is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250M.

I chose one at random. The downloads area has a link or tab for software, so the drivers are kind of hidden behind the manuals tab. I had no idea how long it would take to install. It took over an hour on my laptop (Vista, dual core @ 2GHz, 4MB ram).

Looking into it, there was a folder that appeared and started filling up:
C:\Program Files\SAMSUNG\USB Drivers
There were 26 folders in the end!

If you were expecting to plug in your Galaxy Nexus and run your app within minutes… good luck. I just wanted to give you the right expectation since I didn’t see anyone mention this online yet. I still need to restart my computer, plug in the phone and see if it worked. It’s getting late though. I will update this post once I get a chance.

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