QR Codes and Mobile Pages

By Frank Forte

Do you know what a QR code does?  You can create an Einstein-Rosen Bridge (a.k.a. wormhole) by just slapping one on your product packaging. Consumers who scan that code with their smartphone will be instantly transported at light speed through a spooky dimension surrounded in webs of electricity, until they arrive at one of many possible dimensions.

QR Code for LikeScan.com
You need to take a look at likescan.com right now. LikeScan will create a safe journey for your customers, where they will land in a world that looks good with videos, social media and more.

Be careful though. Some people use free QR code generators and create black holes. Customers who scan these codes can land in a dimension where all text is extremely small, forcing them to strain their eyes until they go blind. Poor souls.

Seriously, you need to create a safe and enjoyable journey for your customers. LikeScan creates a web page optimized for mobile devices. All you need to do is add product information, check a few boxes and BLAMMO, you have a QR code and a QR Page.

HOLD ON! Click "Like" and "Tweet" below. I have an 11 month old baby to feed and he recently started biting toes.

So save yourself thousands in development costs. Go to LikeScan and launch your mobile marketing campaign.

I like how twitter has the large button option.

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