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Un-hackable customer data: how Equifax can prevent future hacks


Keep your customer’s data secure. It’s your responsibility. You ask for that data, you specifically require it from your customers to process credit checks. So, keep their data safe. Equifax could have done many, many things to protect customer data. This post is about one of those things, storing data in an un-hackable way. Anyone […]

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QR Codes and Mobile Pages

Do you know what a QR code does?  You can create an Einstein-Rosen Bridge (a.k.a. wormhole) by just slapping one on your product packaging. Consumers who scan that code with their smartphone will be instantly transported at light speed through a spooky dimension surrounded in webs of electricity, until they arrive at one of many […]

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Mobile and Web Technology

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Welcome to my website. I will periodically add posts about web technologies from a business perspective. I hope you will come back to learn about the newest, coolest things happening on the internet along with up and coming technology that can change the way you do business. I am a web developer and I can […]

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