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Un-hackable customer data: how Equifax can prevent future hacks


Keep your customer’s data secure. It’s your responsibility. You ask for that data, you specifically require it from your customers to process credit checks. So, keep their data safe. Equifax could have done many, many things to protect customer data. This post is about one of those things, storing data in an un-hackable way. Anyone […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Re-use Passwords

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that re-using passwords is kind of like using the same key for your house, car, safety deposit box, gym locker and bike lock, and then sharing that key with a number of people you don’t really know. Even if those people seem trustworthy, a few of them might not take […]

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Protecting User Accounts – Password Management

If you develop or manage a website, there are many reasons to take time and protect user data. Consider if your website is hacked: In the case of eCommerce, fraud can be costly to the user and to the website owner. It can cause privacy concerns and damage your brand. It can allow hackers to […]

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