Web Consulting and Development

Frank’s Resume (pdf)

Frank Forte provides Canadian organizations with high quality web applications.

If a company doesn’t have a website, or has a difficult website, they may as well not exist because I won’t waste my time with them.

This is an actual quote from a purchaser at a well known company in Southern Ontario, and one of the reasons that Frank Forte decided to pursue a career in web development.  Whether you need to upgrade your website or need consultation on increasing sales and interest from your visitors, contact Frank before you fall too far behind your competitors.

Frank specializes in online conversion.  He can increase the efficiency in which your business converts visitors into customers and often into repeat customers.  His approach starts with your website design. Before spending time and money on advertising or SEO, Frank wants to make sure that customers who visit your website will stay to learn more and seriously consider you when making a buying decision.  By upgrading your website, you can start thinking about advertising and  search engine optimization as an investment rather than an expense.

About Frank Forte

Frank recently launched LikeScan where you can start your mobile marketing campaign. The LikeScan website allows you to generate QR Pages with built in social media.

Connect with Frank on LinkedIn.com/in/FrankForte or follow Frank on Twitter.com/frankforte.