About Frank Forte

Frank Forte specializes in efficient and user friendly web applications.

His approach allows organizations to use both public facing websites and back end applications to enhance their sales and networking activities. By focusing on user flow, he is able to maximize the conversion of website visitors into sales leads. This same focus on user flow also ensures an efficient system for employees, whether they are tracking inventory, processing payments, shipping products, or updating website content and price lists.

Frank is able to analyze your company’s internal systems and develop new web based systems to mimic and enhance your work flow. This means that your employees can save hours performing their tasks while minimizing the number of errors in data entry.

His search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge helped the TMetrix website land on the first page of Google and other search engines, usually the very first position for targeted search terms that turn up millions of results. The website has both manual and automated SEO features that work with content updates and price list uploads.

Frank’s solutions are easy to implement and use on a day to day basis.

With a degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Toronto, Frank is very practical in his approaches to problem solving. He enjoys technical challenges and knows how to build custom web applications using the latest web technologies. Frank is also knowledgeable in marketing strategies. He studied Marshall McLuhan’s work to get a jump start in marketing theories that he could apply to the internet.

Frank is currently studying Knowledge Management, a great way to decrease employee turnover, increase profits using your customer database, and provide your customers with consistent, high quality service.

One of Frank’s passions is music. He plays drums and is currently developing a website for musicians to connect and promote their talent.

Frank Forte’s Specialties:

Web Application Development for Business to Business organizations, Business Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), User Interfaces, Relational Database Design, PHP applications, JavaScript and Ajax applications, developing and integrating application programming interfaces (API’s)

Frank enjoys developing web based services. Early on, Frank created the Bandmaking.com website and TuniFire, a website where musicians can create ringtones or music samples.

With concern for our environment, Frank created ReduceFirst.ca. It is a website with ideas on how to make changes in our consumption habits that can a have very positive impact. Hopefully we can reduce the toxins and garbage we are creating and releasing into our own, local environment.